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Enterprise Search for Federal, State and Local Government

Find, Analyze and Use Precise Content

Every government organization faces the same, daunting challenge:

Answers are many times seemingly impossible to find. How can organizations answer important questions when the answers are buried deep or hidden inside of documents, files, emails and other forms of information? This information is created at an astonishing rate by different people, in different languages, stored and saved in different locations.

Sophisticated enterprise search tools are essential technology in this age of ever-expanding information and big data.

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Where is your information hiding?

Federal, State and Local Government institutions of all sizes face the same challenge: data hidden in documents, files, emails and repositories can be difficult, if not impossible, to locate. FOIA requests make mining through all of this data even a bigger challenge. This data is crucial to keep processes running smoothly, so any holdup in finding it only slow things down. Or worse, it can lead to decisions based on inaccurate or out-of-date information.

Hyland’s Enterprise Search for Government available from IDT - provides you with an advanced search platform that can pinpoint the exact information your staff needs no matter where it is stored – any content repository, email system, network share website or database. Enterprise Search enables you to analyze and explore relationships and connections between different pieces of information to quickly find the answers you need.

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Answer your critical questions

Enterprise Search from Hyland and IDT make locating key information simple, fast and straightforward. With Enterprise Search, your users can rapidly find and access the information they need to do their jobs and then take action — completing a task, solving a problem, responding to a customer or advancing a business process. Best of all, your users don’t have to enter "perfect queries" to get the right results, thanks to intuitive features including:

  • Natural language support
  • Faceted navigation
  • Conversational search

Hyland's Enterprise Search product offers class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists, in locations as varied as:

  • Repositories
  • SharePoint sites
  • Email systems
  • Network shares
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Social media sites
  • Any other location

Take control of your data

Courts, law enforcement, military, legal departments and public assistance agencies, as well as processes that support FOIA and public record requests and archive searches, need robust search capabilities. Shuffling through pages of search results to find the right information wastes valuable staff resources and delays services. And, the inability to find current or accurate documents carries potential legal, compliance and security risks.

Enterprise Search for Government is designed to overcome your organization’s most complex search challenges by:

  • Identifying, indexing and securely searching nearly 500 different document, container and email formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Visio
  • Granting fast access to precise information trapped inside static document images, such as scanned paper, captured faxes, stored TIFF files and more
  • Extracting more insight from your information by seeing the connection between pieces of information, people, places and things
  • Minimizing regulatory compliance and security risk by enabling access to the most recent and relevant information.

Whether your goal is to improve efficiency, improve customer service, or minimize risk, Enterprise Search for Government gives you fast and intuitive access to precise information from your desktop, remote location or mobile device.

Confidential information discovery solution

Reduce security risk and improve compliance by detecting and monitoring confidential information across the organization

The confidential information discovery solution from Hyland and IDT helps proactively monitor for and remove confidential information from unauthorized locations across your organization.

  • Identify sensitive information in unauthorized locations so that it can be moved or secured
  • Monitor any number of systems, sites, applications, repositories and devices
  • Detect keywords, phrases and character patterns in files, attachments and metadata
  • Inspect and preview hundreds of file formats

Empower your security, risk and compliance professionals

The confidential information discovery solution enables your staff with automated monitoring for sensitive data across the organization from a single, intuitive user interface.

  • Set up automated search queries and receive alerts when new violations are detected
  • Configure rules for multiple departments and different compliance requirements
  • Leverage discovery data to review and improve policies and procedures
  • Utilize reporting and analytics to assist with audits and eDiscovery.

>> Download and Read << the Confidential Information Discovery brochure.

Improve internal security and compliance awareness

The confidential information discovery solution exposes risky user behavior and enables your security and compliance staff to follow up.

  • Follow up with non-compliant users to prevent repeat offenses
  • Use incident data to generate awareness and improve policy adherence among employees

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