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Headquartered outside Chicago, Illinois, IDT has been an industry leader in information management software since 1992. Our team is a trusted partner, working with state and local governments to eliminate paper documents wherever possible. With more than 100+ years of combined experience, we have a large footprint within the local governments and have many counties that trust our firm to meet the needs of their governing body.   To learn more about IDT, please visit  Download and read our Capability Statement by clicking here!

Trusted Answers

Through out-of-the-box thinking and proven solutions, IDT enables you to keep the cost of business low. Giving constituents a pleasant experience, maximizing efficiency, and remaining in compliance with local and state regulations are just a few things that our proven solutions provide. Our enterprise content management system, OnBase™ by Hyland, enterprise data and document capture system, CAPSYS CAPTURE™ by CAPSYS Technologies, LLC., or IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solutions featuring INfuse from Alaris powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and our state-of-the-art Global Cloud-based FAX and SMS solutions from Retarus increase government transparency and makes collaboration between government agencies even easier. Simplified workflow processes and better organization keep documents flowing easily and securely through your agency, keeping your daily operations from getting bogged down with unnecessary steps.

Mission Statement

IDT has a complete information management solution designed for governmental agencies that relieves the administrative headaches, risk, and cost associated with records management. Our solutions are designed to augment your existing systems, bringing greater flexibility and insight into your operations . We take this a step further by providing out of the box solutions to solve specific problems faced by governmental agencies.