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Agenda Management Solutions

If your meeting agenda items are scattered across emails, documents, spreadsheets, and paper, use the scheduling tool available from IDT. From our office in Chicago, Illinois, we provide government agencies with a comprehensive agenda management solution that automates approval, assembly, and distribution, speeding up legislative processes and reducing the amount of work for your staff.

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Streamlined Scheduling Options

With OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ content services solutions, packet assembly takes much less time than manual systems and enhances your view of the process. Staff members know they have the latest versions of all important documents, avoiding the hassle of adding last-minute changes or ad-hoc items after hours of printing and collating.

Automatic Workflow Changes

While staff centrally manage requests and automatically send agendas on for approval, workflow automation and a built-in audit trail enforce the proper review and approval procedures. Agendas and minutes can be published to the web, and clerks can automate follow-up actions and track agenda items after a meeting.

Fully Connected

Whether you are publishing agendas to a website or other locations, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ connect systems and increases efficiency and transparency. You can use your OnBase™ from Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ foundation across your organization to meet the needs of individual departments and processes, whether it is your first OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ purchase or an expansion of your enterprise content management (ECM) strategy.

Primary Features

• Instantly & Automatically Create, Assemble, & Update Packets
• Stay on Top of Requests by Tracking Submissions Using Workflow Automation
• Choose a Solution with the Flexibility & Scalability to Meet Your Changing Enterprise Needs

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