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Public Works Asset Management Solutions

With IDT, it is easy to keep track of your existing and upcoming public works projects. Our company is your source for asset management and plan review software. By choosing our team, you will set up and maintain a system that will capture and store critical documents, photos, videos, and historical papers in a single location. In addition, everything you save can be accessed through GIS applications that you already use. 

Streamline your operations, save time, and use your resources efficiently. You can view our Asset Management solution brief here.


At the core of our planning and public works software are two programs: OnBase and CAPSYSCAPTURE. These are powerful tools that allow your teams to work more effectively. Thanks to advances in cloud computing and document capture, our solutions will enhance the capabilities of your staff. Functionalities include:

Integration: Both of these software suites are compatible with existing permitting and planning systems. Your inspections, reviews, and other documents will be saved in a single repository, making them easily accessible to your employees. As a result, your employees are better equipped while still using familiar tools.

Instant Access: Improve your automation processes. OnBase and CAPSYSCAPTURE facilitate collaboration and simultaneous reviews. These applications allow your teams to preserve critical documentation while also remaining accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobile smart devices.

Self-Serve Capabilities: Keeping in touch with your clients is important. Keep them in the loop with our asset management software. OnBase and CAPSYSCAPTURE have web capabilities, allowing clients to get information without needing to take time away from your team members. This streamlines communication while reducing barriers to access.

Electronic Plan Review

Reduce clutter, redundancy, and paper waste with electronic plan review. The OnBase software includes ePlan submission, review, and certification process. With these automation solutions, you will make your community development and infrastructure initiatives more efficient. Key features include:

  • Submit Plans Electronically for Faster Review & Approval
  • Collaborate in Real-Time with Automated Comment Tracking & Reviews
  • Meet Mandated Deadlines While Reducing Paper across the Enterprise

Contact us and request a consultation for our software and services. We are located in Chicago, IL.