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Better Human Resources Solutions

Capture and organize data with the document management and employee management tools from IDT. Located outside Chicago, Illinois, our office provides an electronic solution for your HR needs, making it easy for your government agency to keep track of a plethora of documents.

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Streamlined Process

Effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle by electronically capturing all of the necessary information, documents, and forms. OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ make it easy to better organize HR processes, improve compliance, and provide better employee service. It also reduces the amount of time spent on manual, paper-based tasks by allowing personnel to access key documents and information directly from familiar business applications and devices.

Better Security

Paper files are always at risk of going missing, getting misfiled, or being destroyed. With digital storage and granular access controls, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ ensure confidential employee information is easily accessible to your staff while staying perfectly secure.

Familiar Environments

When OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ products are integrated with your human resources information system (HRIS), your staff can easily and instantly access both prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the HRIS. They never have to leave the system, and they may even never realize they are working inside OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™.