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How it All Integrates

Increase transparency and improve processing efficiency with IDT's OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ technologies. Designed to be easily integrated into your business model, this system removes unnecessary steps in your data collection, storage, and retrieval processes. OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ software reduces the amount of legwork for your staff members and makes it easier to comply with federal, state, and local standards.

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Current Solutions

Many agencies have turned to ERP systems like PeopleSoft™, SAP™, Oracle, JD Edwards™, and Lawson to manage invoice processing, procurement tasks, contract management, credentialing, and certifications. Switching between paper and data systems not only slows down staff but also creates more work for them, including taking time to make photocopies and use intra-office mail to transport documents.

Problems With Transparency

Paper also derails another government trend: transparency. Constituents, vendors, and staff have difficulty knowing the status of transactions and processes when they are buried in paper documents or trapped in dozens of manual tracking systems created by overworked staff.

How OnBase™ & CAPSYS CAPTURE™ Help

OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ connect your ERP with related documents, automates processes, and creates transparency for financial and human resources tasks. OnBase™ and CAPYS CAPTURE™ offer decision makers complete visibility into processes, providing audit trails, real-time reporting, and executive dashboards. Capture documents immediately and extract data to reduce or eliminate indexing. Then, with OnBase™ Workflow and CAPSYS CAPTURE™, notify, view, route, and manage documents directly from ERP screens to allow staff to work in their familiar work environment.