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Effective Records Management

If you work in public safety, you know that finding information quickly and accurately is vital. IDT, an information technology company located outside Chicago, Illinois, offers a comprehensive police RMS, or records management system, to law enforcement offices throughout the country. Our system, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™, converts documents to electronic files and automatically routes them to the right people, allowing courts and officers to operate at top efficiency.

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Immediate Results

OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ ingests information and makes it immediately available wherever you are, eliminating the need to copy, print, or transport documents. Court documents are securely stored in a central repository and automatically connected to your case management system for easy access within case data screens. Regardless of the system you use, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ act as a content repository, workflow engine, and capture partner, connecting your existing system to the power of a proven document management system.

Automated Requests

OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ also automate processes like records requests, arraignments, and warrants, letting staff focus on other tasks and initiatives. You can quickly capture and secure documents and connect them with existing IT systems to speed up processes while improving access to information. Despite reduced budgets and staffing, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ let you continue to quickly and efficiently deliver justice to the communities you serve.