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Easily Accessible Public Records

Meet constituent demand for better online service with the public records management system from IDT. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois,

Click here to find out how to produce public records quickly without sacrificing security.  Click here to download the IDT Public Records  solution brief!

Watch our 32 minute demonstration on our public records solution set featuring Hyland OnBase by clicking here!

Needing to provide Constituents with access to public records?  Watch this podcast interview and learn about our Web Portal Toolkit offering featuring Hyland OnBase that can be used for Constituent access to your agencies public records.  Our team offers a central document repository that makes storage and retrieval as easy as the click of a button, helping you provide the self-serve options your citizens want without exceeding the limits of your staff and budget.

Click here to learn more about FOIA solutions from IDT, OnBase by Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE!

Government Accountability

Offering Transparency

Access to public records is a cornerstone of open government and transparency, but it is not easy to accomplish. OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ create a complete package to manage the full scope of public records needs and helps agencies meet legal responsibilities for open government initiatives. The software is both affordable and easy to configure, making it a sustainable solution with a return that emerges almost as quickly as it deploys.

Download and read "How to Create Transparent Legislative Processes" by clicking here!

Confidential Information

With OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ you can retrieve and bundle documents to meet records requests, provide self-service access to documents and records, automate the request process, and even redact confidential information. Confidential sections are kept secure whether the document is available for download or viewable through your website.

Freedom of Information Requests

City and county clerks have a long list of responsibilities, from preparing for council meetings to managing meeting minutes to safeguarding the public records of their cities or counties. The council vote, the basis for their decisions and the government actions that follow, are of intense interest to constituents and the media. Calls for more open government and transparent decisions have made longtime clerk responsibilities even more high profile.

Clerks have been handling Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and public records requests for decades. However, now the pressure is greater. While polls suggest that local government is far more trusted than the federal government, journalists and constituents want to know why decisions were made and how money was spent.

Click here to learn more about FOIA solutions from IDT, OnBase by Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE!

The meticulously managed but paper-based clerk's office cannot weather the storm of public distrust or local controversy without significantly better tools than file folders, cabinets, and offsite storage. Beyond the storage and cost burdens, how do you ensure that you preserve every document that is a public record or a potential FOIA request target? The answer is comprehensive electronic software that gives constituents and media the opportunity to find documents through a convenient, online system.

Read more by clicking here to learn about how to secure information while making it available online 24/7 to your constituents!