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Accounts Payable Solutions

Connect Content Service Solutions from IDT with your ERP system for faster processing and increased transparency for accounts payable. Contact us today!

Governments across the United States are under pressure to overhaul or retire legacy accounting and human resource systems. To modernize, many agencies turn to on-premises or Cloud-based ERP systems like NetSuite®, Microsoft Dynamics®, PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Oracle, JD Edwards® and Infor Lawson. However, many of the processes these ERPs manage – like invoice processing, procurement tasks, contract management, credentialing and certifications – also rely on documents – whether paper based or electronic.

Switching between paper or electronic docs such as PDFs and data systems not only slows down staff but creates more work for them, including taking time to make photocopies and use intra-office mail to transport documents, further slowing down processes. Paper also derails another government trend, transparency – constituents, vendors and staff are challenged to know the status of transactions and processes when they are buried in paper documents or tracked in dozens of manual tracking systems created by overworked staff. Add FOIA requests to the equation and you’ve compounded your problems.

IDT’s Content Service solutions (formerly known as ECM) connect the related documents with the AP process and further automates processes while simultaneously creating transparency for financial and human resources tasks. IDT solutions comprising of OnBase, CAPSYS CAPTURE and Brainware by Hyland provide decision-makers with complete visibility into processes, providing audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards. Capture documents immediately and extract data to reduce or eliminate indexing. Then, with OnBase Workflow, notify, view, route and manage documents directly from ERP screens, allowing staff to work in their familiar work environment.


Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine with Brainware Intelligent Capture. Hyland’s industry leading data extraction software pulls key information directly from paper and electronic documents faster and more accurately than other technologies, without requiring templates, anchors, keywords or zones. Brainware Intelligent Capture forms a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology uses  machine learning and enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.

Accounts Payable invoices are easily captured directly into OnBase, from anywhere they arrive in the organization. They are routed and queued for processing by a centralized processor, without further regard for layout or configuration. Many invoices will proceed automatically for payment processing, or approval, as required. Only discrepant or incomplete invoices need to be reviewed or manually processed.

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