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Case Management for Federal, State and Local Government

Efficiency and Compliance

When agency and department demands outpace Government IT’s capacity to meet them, business process managers take decisions into their own hands. Unfortunately, every new application in your portfolio adds time, cost and risk that your IT department must manage, integrate, replicate, secure and maintain. The tiresome cycle goes on and on. It is time to jump off the merry-go-round and invest in a case management platform that supports the creation of new solutions across government in a low-code, rapid application development environment. 

The following are just some of the ways you can use a case management platform in your agency:

Incident Management

Report on and track the resolution of incidents and other  complaints from constituents or employees. This helps your agency ensure compliance as well as timely incident resolution.


Replace the old or inefficient applications currently used to approve and track licensees with a single, centralized licensing system. The flexibility of the platform enables flexibility in the type of license or process you want to manage.

Inspections and Investigations

Empower your field staff with remote access to necessary  documents, information and required e-forms for site visits, no matter if it is to sinpect bridges, restaurants, childcare facilities or  incident sites. Office staff have immediate access to inspection results the instant they are submitted.

Physical Records Management

Use your case management solution to build an application that  supports the tracking of physical records at your organization. This simplifies the hunt for informationand makes traversing filing cabinets a much more manageable task.

Human and Child Services

From Child Support Enforcement to your Board of Developmental Disabilities, case management enables you to connect your  systems and enter all relevant data pertaining to an existing case for quick, accurate decision making.

Correspondence Management

Case management enables you to automate the
creation of correspondence around specific events. When a scheduled event takes place, this application can automatically send out an email correspondence to the right people – whether they work inside or outside of your organization.

Boards and Commissions Management

Manage the appointments and elected positions on government boards and committees. Track the appointment history of every one of your board members.

Oil and Gas Well Monitoring

Enables agencies to easily track data surrounding oil and gas wells and share this information with private organizations such as contractors, inspectors, etc..

Military and Intelligence Agency Background Checks

Simplify the completion of background checks by pulling in all related documents and information surrounding a specific case or individual  Use for managing the credentialing process and keeping track of any outsourced third parties you may be using to fulfill  background check process.

Land Leases and Permits

Track leases, permit applications and data and connect them to required document submissions. Create a workflow solution that matches your process and manages all relevant data and documents that staff need to do their job.

Grants Management

Use case management to control the data, processes and documentation for the various grant funds you are awarding and expending in your community. And, with these solutions, you eliminate paper, filing, copying and storage. Instead, provide field access to content for site visits and audits.

Public Records Request Management

Case management simplifies request submission and fulfillment. From online request capabilities and comprehensive record searches to digital delivery, Case Management improves the process from beginning to end.

Contract Management

Case Management provides tools to manage contract creation, review, distribution and renewal. With configurable options, Case Management manages diverse contract types and tasks, integrates with key accounting and ERP solutions and provides reporting dashboards to review and evaluate contracting processes – increasing transparency.

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