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Electronic Plan Review

Eliminate the Paper Process with Electronic Plan Review

Organizing and approving paper plan sets requires multiple copies, rendering the process of gathering, distributing, and reviewing submissions time-consuming and difficult. With Integrated Document Technology’s (IDT) Electronic Plan Review—powered by OnBase by Hyland and CAPSYS Technologies—you can automate, review, and certify your plan submissions and supporting documents with ease. Doing so will improve staff collaboration and create more transparency for the constituents that your agency serves.

IDT’s project review management software will streamline the approval process and easily integrate with your existing management systems. Download our Electronic Plan Review solution brief by clicking here and improve community development across all departments, such as:









Submit Plans Electronically

IDT’s ePlan Review allows constituents to submit their plan sets electronically through existing systems. They can select their permit type, review submitted plans, and be notified of missing or inadequate documentation while leveraging these systems.

This allows for collaboration between the constituent and your agency, promotes greater visibility into the submission status, and ensures the plans are being reviewed in a secure, organized environment. Watch the 25-minute video on how your agency can embrace the 21st century with electronic plan submissions by clicking here.

Review and Approve

After submitting plans, reviewers can use Electronic Plan Review to create folders for each case, track changes, and make comments. It automatically organizes sets and documents according to your agency’s standards. Workflow automation routes them to the appropriate reviewers, ensuring that they’re effectively communicating to the submitter throughout the process.

IDT’s ePlan Review also features a comprehensive, side-by-side comparison tool that overlays the current revision with any previous changes. Through extensive reporting metrics, reviewers can identify and rectify bottlenecks within the submittal and approval process. Click here for more information on how IDT’s e-Plan review can speed up project development.

We Bridge the Gap

Communities are developed through engaged constituents and empowered staff members who are given tools for efficiency and open communications. With Electronic Plan Review, you can easily connect content to your permitting, licensing, and land use systems while managing work orders and service requests.

IDT’s ePlan Review can seamlessly integrate with your permitting and GIS systems, providing a cohesive view of your information by ensuring unified permit, license, and plan review management. Move data and projects from your permitting systems into Electronic Plan Review workflow, so reviewers can have instant access to the information they need.

Plan Review Chart

Set Your Agency Apart

The demand for greater government transparency and communication grows daily. Eliminate your paper-based review processes, enhance tax revenue, avoid incomplete submittals, and reduce slow approval cycle times with IDT’s ePlan Review.

ePlan Enables Your Agency to:

Submit plans electronically >

Pull data from your permitting and GIS applications > 

Route for Review >

Review, Comment, Mark up in real time >

Notify Submitter of required changes and status >

Compare revisions and track changes >

 Approve Plans

IDT’s ePlan Review is integrated with industry leading software companies such as:

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