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Efficient Finance and Administration Solutions

The finance and administration solutions from IDT keep vital government functions and responsibilities moving forward. Our information management platforms and software save staff time while reducing or completely eliminating the related costs. Our mission is to help government agencies meet today’s challenges by digitizing paper documents and automating the business processes surrounding them. 

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With our resources, day-to-day operations, including the storage and retrieval of data, become more efficient and precise. Click on any of the following links to learn more about:

Improved Compliance and Transparency

The overload of documentation required by governmental agencies is, in part, designed to promote compliance and transparency. However, the very bulk of the material creates an obstacle to accessing the information. Our solutions for finance and administration, including OnBase™ by Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE™, allow overworked staff to manage complex content. Besides helping agencies maintain compliance, these measures help to reduce and eliminate simple processing errors. By simplifying and improving data storage and the retrieval process, our services allow already strained agency budgets to reduce costs.

Administrative responsibilities demand timely and accurate access to a variety of documents across different departments. With our services, you can stay connected to all of your relevant data. Save time and alleviate stress by receiving the information you need when you need it. You can empower your staff with remote access to information without the usual hindrances.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility

We understand the sensitivity around the management of your finance and administration data, and our solutions are the secure way to enhance your internal information accessibility. We look forward to discussing how your digital database will improve your organizational efficiency while eliminating the limitations to security presented by paper documents. Schedule your consultation today, and we will begin the process of streamlining your information processing.

Our integrated document services are available as remotely hosted or on-site data management. By creating a suite of applications that stores and organizes important content, we hope to allow our clients to keep pace with the ever-developing demands of their primary duties. Our services are consistent with the six primary goals outlined by the White House to improve federal efficiency and the experience of individuals who interact with these agencies. These steps include:

  • Modernizing Current IT Departments
  • Drive Efficiency, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Develop the Tech Skills of the Workforce
  • Boost the Effectiveness of Federal Administration Services
  • Shift from Low-Value to High-Value Work
  • Improve Customer Experience with Federal Agencies

Our company appreciates the unique opportunity to assist you with our finance and administration data management solutions. We are ready to update your current system and optimize your data storage and retrieval.

Contact us to get started on our information management platforms. We proudly serve clients nationwide.