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FOIA Solutions

FOIA Solutions for Government Public Records Requests and Management

Simplify public records from storage through request and fulfillment

Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government. FOIA requests – while beneficial for constituents – creates daunting administrative and technological challenges for government agencies. Unfortunately, an over reliance on paper-based and manual public records request fulfillment makes meeting request deadlines difficult. Hunting down documents from multiple departments, locations and filing cabinets puts a burden on government staff and leads to lengthy fulfillment cycles – damaging public trust.

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With the OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE Public Records Request solution available exclusively from IDT, you simplify request submission and fulfillment. From online request capabilities, data and document capture and comprehensive record searches to digital delivery, OnBase by Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE improves the process from beginning to end.

Provides comprehensive tools and solutions to simplify requests, fulfillment and tracking
More than ever before, government officials feel increased pressure to provide easy access to public records and often face time sensitive mandates for fulfilling requests. This means that for government staff, tracking and reporting on requests, measuring turnaround times, as well as staff and department delegation to fulfill the requests fulfillment are equally as important as completing the requests.

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IDT helps overcome these challenges by:

• Simplifying request submission and delivery for constituents: OnBase provides the option for both web-based and paper requests. After staff receive and fulfill a request, OnBase compiles the documents and posts them to an online portal for fast, efficient delivery

• Providing comprehensive search for complete request fulfillment: In addition to creating a single electronic location to store and retrieve all records, OnBase provides a range of search tools to identify potential records required to complete requests, including keyword and full-text searches.

• Data and Document Capture for historical and current data and documents: CAPSYS CAPTURE provides the ideal web-based platform for allowing content that is originates in paper, electronic formats such as WORD, Excel, HTML, etc. as well as email with attachments to captured, classified, properly indexed and stored into OnBase repositories for approved FOIA requests.

• Improving process transparency and reporting: OnBase equips you with reporting dashboards that describe and identify bottlenecks while allowing you to view reports on any request. Meanwhile, OnBase Workflow automatically notifies staff through standard notification tools such as Outlook when request deadlines approach, providing clarity on request priority.

Easy to use interface for government employees to manage and process FOIA requests

Dashboard reporting so government officials always in the know on FOIA workloads

The OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE Public Records Request solution from IDT provides your organization with the tools it needs to quickly prioritize and complete records requests. Once completed, OnBase guarantees quick delivery of documents to requesters, improving the process from beginning to end.

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