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Governance Rules for Document Retention Made Easy

Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) is a complete single source of truth end-to-end retention solution from OnBase by Hyland Software and IDT. GRaaS combines a fully researched, web-accessible retention schedule—powered by the Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution—with robust, rules-based automation to apply those same written retention rules directly to documents that reside your content services platform solution from OnBase and IDT.

Get the complete run down on the Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) solution brief!

GRaaS boom graphic

GRaaS Boom graphic

Better Management

With GRaaS from Hyland and IDT you get: 

  • An established legally defensible, evergreen retention schedule for OnBase documents that reflects the latest global laws and regulations aligned by industry and jurisdiction
  • An end-to-end solution that enforces a consistent, structured retention policy for OnBase documents through automation
  • Peace of mind knowing you won’t have to hire costly legal firms to perform analysis and maintain compliance
  • Minimization of legal risks associated with accumulation of expired records and keeping information longer than required
  • Reduced processing time and expense associated with manual deletion of unneeded documents
  • Increased system efficiency through the automatic destruction of documents that no longer have value

Automated Document Destruction with Assurance

Laws and regulations related to retention will inevitably change, therefore the policies are updated according to insight from an international network of law firms. Integration with OnBase Document Retention provides automated management of these pre-defined retention schedules and destruction of documents in accordance with the policies.  Records managers can then focus their time on more valuable strategic initiatives and end users can continue working in OnBase by Hyland and IDT seamlessly while GRaaS manages information governance policies in the background. Know your obligations, show compliance and confidently destroy documents with Governance Rules as a Service.

Establishing a Retention Schedule has never been easier!

GRaaS provides a fully researched and vetted retention schedule: backed by Iron Mountain and updated regularly to account for new laws and retention regulations—giving organizations the comfort they need to take action and destroy documents and do it with confidence.

Researching and formulating a complete information governance policy for any content services platform – requires more time, money and resources than most organizations can afford or support, leading to a lack of confidence in their policies. As a result, they compromise between their policies with practicality and often then choose to retain all of their content forever in fear of destroying content at the wrong time, increasing overall risk including possible legal liability and major fines from a costly audit. Does this sound like your organization?  Read on.

Automated management & execution of policy: With GRaaS, checks, statements and other related transactional documents are automatically destroyed after their retention period expires. Due to the high volume of these kinds of documents—in some cases well over 100,000 items daily—the automation capabilities of GRaaS provided by Document Retention ensure retention policies are consistently applied and documents are destroyed with little human interaction required.

The Time to Act is Now!

To summarize, with GRaaS from Hyland OnBase and IDT you get the following:

  • Iron Mountain® Policy Center provides a complete, web-based retention schedule for OnBase documents, backed by high quality legal research from an international network of law firms and updated to reflect the latest regulatory changes
    Home page dashboard with interactive tiles shows summaries of Rule Types and Retention Periods, as well as total counts of business functions, record classes and citations
  • Retention schedule search allows users to quickly and easily find relevant retention policies across the enterprise
  • Audit logging captures changes to the portal, retention content and user profiles for auditors and other authorities
  • Hyland Retention Connector integrates Policy Center with OnBase by pulling retention information from Policy Center, matching
  • Record Types with Document Types, and pushing appropriate retention settings into OnBase with a single click
  • OnBase Document Retention manages the retention period and initiates destruction of stored documents, providing automated execution of the retention rules outlined by Policy Center
  • Legal hold capability excludes a document from the purge process to ensure it is not destroyed
  • Certificates of Destruction provide users information on and proof of previously destroyed documents
  • Document Retention Report lists documents purged and those excluded with exclusion reason

    Contact us for more information about our GRaaS solution and content services platform offerings and services. We are based in Itasca, IL, with presence in Colorado, California, Texas and Florida and serve clients nationwide.