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REAL ID Application Processing with Solutions from IDT, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and Kodak Alaris

The amount of paperwork in Department of Motor Vehicle offices across the nation is overwhelming. Fold in forced closures from 2020 pandemic restrictions and backlogs have significantly increased. With the REAL ID deadline approaching fast in 2021, DMVs must adapt their processes to ensure they can keep pace with the high influx of applications and paperwork anticipated before the deadline.  It is time to transition to Point of Origin Capture using Managed Capture Solutions from IDT, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and Kodak Alairs. 

Indeed REALID is Complicated

Read the February 9, 2021 article and Watch the PODCAST on Federal News Network.  – Find out how IDT and the Content Services Platform Industry like Kodak Alaris and IDT have stepped up to help and lead throughout this process!  

REAL ID Challenges

With the backlog and new flood of REAL ID applications that need to be processed in-person, DMVs must look to optimize their current document capture technology to ensure faster processing times without risking non-compliance, data inaccuracies, or citizen dissatisfaction. Several challenges exist with legacy technology used to process these applications:

Processing Time

Centralized scanning operations in DMVs with shared production scanners can slow down application processing and lead to further backlogged applications.

Data Accuracy

Subpar image quality can further slow down processing times and lead to application and data errors, requiring further validation.

Serve Your Citizens Faster with IoT Smart Connected Scanning

To effectively handle the high volume of applications, DMVs & MVAs across the nation need to consider solutions that address the challenges associated with legacy technology and increasing demand. Solutions that support information captured at the point of transaction without compromising image quality or document integrity are critical.  IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT and Kodak Alaris are exactly what you have been waiting for!

REAL ID Solution Diagram featuring IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT, Kodak Alaris and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE

Government Accountability

DMV Application Processing Solutions

IoT Smart Connected Capture solutions from IDT are a compact but powerful scanning solution that captures applications at the point of interaction with citizens can help centralize day-to-day operations, expedite processing times and keep citizens satisfied with their experience at the DMV. With accessories such as the passport flatbed, DMVs and MVAs can safely protect fragile citizen documents and accurately capture data for verification. With intelligent solutions like INfuse Smart Connected Scanning from IDT and Kodak Alaris, agencies can seamlessly integrate captured data directly into their business processes. Products and software from IDT such as CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ offer the ultimate solution for reliable, connected data and document capture and automation right at the edge of their business processes.

Confidential Information

Proper document protection must be ensured by DMVs with the handling of fragile, sensitive, and mixed document types such as IDs, passports, birth certificates, and social security cards.  With IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions coupled with OnBase™ by Hyland Software  and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE you can retrieve and bundle documents to meet records requests, provide self-service access to documents and records, automate the request process, and even redact confidential information. Confidential sections are kept secure whether the document is available for download or viewable through your website.

Output that is Better than the Original

Perfect Page Technology from Kodak Alaris yields image output that is better than scanned originals. DMVs can save time by receiving the most accurate data the first time with scanners from Kodak Alaris. On average, Kodak Alaris scanners have 20.5%* better OCR read rates than the competition.

* Based on 3rd Party testing performed by BLI and commissioned by Kodak Alaris.

INfuse Smart Connected Scanner photoMore Productive with Mixed Document Types

Applications, hard cards, and fragile documents such as birth certificates and social security cards can all be scanned together. For even greater accuracy and document protection, the Passport Flatbed Accessory from Kodak Alaris can be docked right underneath the IoT Smart Connected scanners to get the job done faster.

Compact Device with Smaller File Sizes

Desktop scanners from Kodak Alaris have a small footprint and are compact enough to fit at operator windows for point of transaction capture during the application process. Greater efficiencies can be gained with output file sizes nearly ½ the size of competitive devices.

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